Online - Optimize Total Landed Cost and Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Programs

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Online - Optimize Total Landed Cost and Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Programs

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Find Computing Electronics Services Near You has the most comprehensive directory online of computing contract electronics services providers. Search aerospace and avionics contract electronics services listings in the Computing Contract Electronics Services Directory on Want to choose from more criteria to find services to meet your OEM needs? Speak with a Provider Advisor to help expand your options when seeking computing contract electronics services. Our Provider Advisors have access to more detailed information on listings in our database and can help you compare provider service capabilities to better match your program requirements. Or you can also click the button below.

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You can also search our Computing Contract Electronics Services Directory using advanced search criteria features and enter multiple geography locations into your search, including a high number of different types of services and even input additional end markets for more robust and expanded search results.

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Understanding the computing contract electronics market

The electronics computing market NAICS code is 33411, according to the US government. This is the same NAICS code number as peripherals.

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This means any policy-making and government regulations, such as tariffs, that impact the US computing and computers industry will also impact peripherals hardware and equipment. (Visit manufacturing tariffs and trade resources page)

Trends in computing manufacturing industry

There are several trends currently shaping the computing industry, including:

Cloud computing – the use of remote servers to store, manage, and process data is becoming increasingly popular as it allows for greater scalability and flexibility.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – the integration of AI and ML technologies into devices and systems is becoming more prevalent and is expected to become a major driver of innovation in the industry.

Quantum computing – This technology uses quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. This technology is still in research phase but showing promise in solving complex problems and encryption.

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5G and edge computing – The deployment of 5G networks and the proliferation of edge computing devices will enable faster and more reliable data processing and transfer. The emergence of edge computing is enabling new data applications that will provide an offset to cloud computing risk as computing is pushed to the edge and collected, stored, and analyzed as data grows exponentially. This will, to a certain extent, diminish public cloud’s key benefit which is centralizing large sets of data for analysis at lower price points vs. distributed architectures.

Cybersecurity – The increasing number of cyber threats and the growing amount of sensitive data being stored and transmitted online have led to a greater emphasis on cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches and other security incidents.

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Meanwhile, with the trend for connected devices and smart cities developing, with smart transportation, fully integrated infrastructures, with smart transportation services (including autonomous vehicles in the future), internet and communication systems, water services, and electrical and power grids all connected and unified – today’s disparate services have different levels of intelligence.

Tomorrow’s massive, city-wide systems will require significant computing power just to process the massive amounts of raw data being collected.

The computing market is cost competitive and can be divided into three sub markets: commercial computing, mass market computing and industrial computing. Commercial computing typically involves very high volumes with thin margins providers work hard to obtain. This market has some top-tier mass producers and speed-to-market is essential.

The commercial mass market is comprised of fast followers sourcing from a broader base of suppliers and targeting cost-conscious end customers. This market focus is alternate components sourcing, cost reductions, and special features – resulting in higher manufacturing margins.

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Industrial computing has slower market adoption rates with chip sets based on long life embedded roadmaps. A high ratio of process and design engineers|direct labor supports lower volumes with higher mix manufacturing with higher margins. Customization and special niche markets are the norm.

Many larger electronics services providers are merging divisions, or exiting high-volume / low-mix business, altogether, to focus on higher margin business sectors.

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OEMs should note that electronics providers offering both computing systems electronics design and manufacturing services are typically better positioned to weather these market changes longer term. We also suggest OEMs read this article to learn more about understanding electronics provider financial indicators.

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The commercial and industrial computing markets both have providers large and small competing for OEM programs and, while product design services can be found across all computer markets (think: medical, avionics, defense, consumer…), not all providers will offer design services.

Understanding contract electronics industry services

Every electronic OEM equipment manufacturer has needs for sourcing, product design, manufacturing and supply chain management specific to its industry. The contract electronics industry is more than just outsourcing manufacturing, it’s about finding the right suppliers and partners and building relationships that add real value and the website can help.

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Manufacturing trends

Below are links to different industry contract electronics manufacturing pages filled with detailed information on trends and best practices.

Aerospace & Avionics | Defense & Military | Industrial | Consumer Devices | Computing | Medical | Clean, Green Technology | Automotive | Networking Equipment | Telecom | Servers & Storage | Peripherals

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