Workshop with Consultative Lab: Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) | Seminar | April 12, 2023

Workshop with Consultative Lab: Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
10:00 am PST Duration: 90 minutes


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Online Workshop + Tools + Training

Benefits: Plan and execute contract electronics outsourcing strategies with confidence to accurately determine product 'should cost', optimize total landed cost profit and product margin growth protection.

This online Workshop and Consultative Virtual Lab is for OEM professionals tasked with managing electronics product and program costs. OEM companies using our 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' save between 5% and 15%+ of annual EMS spend, on average. Guaranteed.

Why attend the workshop? Our cost modelers can be used for build-to-print and build-to-spec contract electronics manufacturing programs - from nanotechnology and ASICs programs to massively complex, full-build, large-scale equipment and programs. Other 'should cost' tools today for contract EMS manufacturing push output based on publicly available input data easily obtainable. Output for Venture Outsource EMS manufacturing program cost modelers is based on unique inputs derived from EMS industry operating and financial knowledge inside EMS factories, plus a priori knowledge of EMS manufacturing supplier challenges that are non-public and difficult to obtain.

Venture Outsource is the hallmark in contract electronics industry for 'should cost' modelers. Our modelers can also be transformed into software and integrated with your PLM, HRM, ERP systems like SAP, Oracle/NetSuite, Siemens and others.

Cost depends on enterprise or corporate individual. Email for details.
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Paid Workshop Attendees Get

  • Online Workshop - 90 mins
  • Consultative Online, Private Lab - 2 to 3 hours**
  • 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' (Excel file)
  • Optimal target 'should cost' for your EMS program
  • Certificate of Completion: Contract Electronics Program Costing Analysis (Full page PDF)

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  1. How to compare EMS manufacturing quotes from different EMS manufacturers
  2. How to determine EMS provider 'internal cost' for your EMS program (vs EMS pricing quote to OEM)
  3. How to identify areas in your EMS program, or quote, where EMS provider is charging you excessive fees
  4. How to determine your ideal target EMS program Total Landed Cost based on Model input
  5. How to use 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' outputs for setting and achieving your EMS program ROI targets, sooner
  6. Learn ways to use the 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' to run 'what if' and ad hoc analysis, fast, when forecasting EMS program costs and during EMS contract service agreement negotiations with EMS manufacturers
  7. (additional benefits here)

What Attendees Are Saying

"We are impressed with the value the manufacturer cost modeler brings. It far exceeds our expectations."

-- Category Manager, European OEM with $2 billion EMS spend

"Impressive. Saves considerable time. This is better than any other single tool available elsewhere. A mini ERP system for our programs."

-- Cost Analyst, Electric Vehicle Company

"A wealth of information at my fingertips. Now I can review and negotiate our SLAs from a more strategic vantage point."

-- Manager, EMS Sourcing, Robotics Company

"The cost modeler has helped us re-align our business objectives and grow our profits, allowing us to save on new product launches and other program contract revisions with suppliers."

-- Commodity Manager, Agrisystems Equipment Company

"We have been wanting to 'should cost' for a long time. Your workshop informed us where we need to be. It was a great training program. Many kudos to you."

-- Sourcing Manager, $1 billion industrial electronics OEM

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Online Workshop April 12, 2023 (90 minutes)

During the 90-minute Workshop we demonstrate the Key Takeaways, above, using real case study data. Seminar attendees reference their Syllabus, along with a working copy of their 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' as you listen, watch, and follow the instructor.

Consultative Online Lab** Scheduled after Workshop (Labs typically last 2-3 hours)

You receive an additional, updated and customized, 'EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium' before your private, Consultative Virtual Lab. During your Lab Venture Outsource then trains you on the following modules specific to your EMS program:

Capabilities of ‘EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modeler Compendium’: Fundamentals behind Compendium Modeler with deep dive into workbook organization.

Determining EMS provider 'internal costs': How EMS providers derive cost baskets for leveraging pricing presented to OEMs.

Tune target your EMS program Total Landed Cost: How Compendium Modeler reveals OEM strategies before RFPs released to EMS providers.

Understanding EMS-OEM program ROI target and strategy: Compendium Modeler utilization forecasting ROI targets and EMS provider negotiation tactics, pre-release of OEM RFPs.

EMS manufacturing quote comparisons: Comparing two program life cycles between two different EMS quotes for true apples-to-apples decision-making.

Solving ad hoc analysis and 'what-if' strategies and scenarios: Common ways and strategies how Compendium Modeler provides critical insights.

Questions and Demos

Email questions to or attend a cost modeler demo.

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  • Mark Zetter Founder & CEO Venture Outsource LLC

    Host, Workshop & Training

    Mark is a contract electronics manufacturing strategist, mapping electronics OEM and EMS manufacturer risk to improve leverage (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement) by analyzing costs and deployment of human capital and materials resources for sourcing and management intelligence. Mark has decades of experience in contract electronics industry as an executive formulating plans of action for OEM and EMS firms, developing and managing contract electronics divisions for global EMS providers, assisting private equity and hedge funds and state-owned investment funds and related investors in identifying and acquiring EMS businesses and building out EMS business models, and advising legal counsel and regional governments and nation states with interest in contract electronics industry matters via value and pricing forensics and analysis of transnational finance challenges facing EMS manufacturing industry. He has helped broker major EMS contracts valued at billions of dollars for Fortune global 100 electronics OEM manufacturers.

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