Tools for EMS manufacturing quote pricing analysis - Optimize total landed cost savings for your contract electronics outsourcing programs

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Tools for EMS manufacturing quote pricing analysis - Optimize total landed cost savings for your contract electronics outsourcing programs

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OEM Audit of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Design-for-Manufacturing (DfM) Capability (13 pages)
Audit checklist guides you with questions to ask your electronics design partners and includes suitable concerns to look for when evaluating design service provider capabilities such as how do they select components for your product program; how are printed circuit board (PCB) and systems electrical layout and performance specs determined, board assembly manufacturing limitations including processes for through-hole components and SMT plus, wave solder and hardware and mechanicals, design-for-test (DFT) roadmaps, and more.

OEM Audit of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Provider (16 pages)
Evaluation checks and balances when considering contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers helps you assess key manufacturing support and functional departments within EMS providers as you walk through the EMS factory and meet privately to discuss important topics with EMS manufacturing management. This document covers  quality systems and document control, software tools, benchmarking for improvements and customer field returns, failure analysis, recovery and internal systems support, RMA cycle time, testing and standards, design tools and product launch readiness, production roadmaps, prototyping, production and process technology capabilities, and more.

OEM Audit of Electronics Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) (9 pages)
This document helps you assess design and development capabilities of contract electronics design houses and electronics original design manufacturers (ODM) you are considering and includes evaluating the tools and expertise they claim, staffing experience, equipment and processes utilized while looking at key OEM concerns such as Intellectual Property (IP) Management, Hardware / Electrical Development, PCB Design and Layout, Industrial / Mechanical Design, System Level Design, Software / Firmware Development, Component Engineering, Change Notice Process, Design Validation and Testing, Review Technique Process (DFx), and more.

Sub-Contract Design Agreement (13 pages)
This EMS industry document informs both OEM customers and EMS providers how some third-party sub-contract design agreements can be structured. This document is written from the OEM customer’s perspective, knowing their EMS provider would or may be sourcing design services to a third party. The PDF is without specifics to any one type of OEM program seeking sourced design solutions. The document covers everything from independent sub-contractor status and indemnification, to assignment, escrow conditions, invoicing, intellectual property protection, and more between one EMS provider and their third-party EMS design sub-contractor.

Contract Electronics Supply Chain Vendor Readiness Questionnaire (19 pages)
All activity in the manufacturing supply chain takes place in human-to-human, human-to-system, and/or system-to-system environments and invite opportunity for error with every action. This questionnaire helps electronics manufacturers (OEM and vendors/suppliers) achieve greater fiscal reliability for stakeholders and improve MCOGs in the contract electronics supply chain. Some supply chain concerns addressed in this Document, include ECOs – ways how to identify issues with BOMs, planning and purchasing, WIP & FGI months before real impact; Inventory – ways to identify materials procurement and product compliance constraints through automated change management tied to, and with, full chain of custody, Design – ways to manage MCOGs with design, and access to ALL alternative materials that feed directly to product design, Forecasting – ways to drive accurate forecasting tied to actual workflow and work orders so materials are off your books sooner for faster cash conversion to increase shareholder value, plus much more.

OEM Request-for-Proposal (RFP), Request-for-Information (RFI) Form Presented to EMS Provider
This request-for-proposal (RFP), or request-for-information (RFI), form helps electronics OEMs create an apple-to-apples basis for comparing key aspects of the EMS provider business you are considering while helping you uncover useful and information about supplier personnel accountability, provider key financials and performance metrics, factory industry and technical capabilities, capacity utilization, e-business and supply chain planning, employee training, sales and operations planning, supplier purchase order management, supplier supply chain technical planning, and more.

OEM Request-for-Quote (RFQ) Terms & Strategy Clauses Presented to EMS Provider
Electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEM), also called brand-owners, can drive the narrative while setting the tone to achieve more detailed quote responses, and possibly more favorable contract terms, during the request-for-quote (RFQ) phase with contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers you are considering. For example, regarding development of NRE and tooling payment terms, some OEMs are negotiating 1/3 NRE/tooling costs paid at tooling release, 1/3 at PVT and a final 1/3 at the OEM’s first revenue customer shipment. Also included are common payment terms, suitable cost reduction strategies on EMS provider pricing and costing of fees and services, changes to forecasts (increases and reductions) tied to raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), forecast and finished goods inventory (FGI) with related limits of liability, contractual terms, production capacity, lead-times, supplier quality, product warranty, and more.

OEM Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) & Purchase Price Variance Template for EMS Manufacturing Programs
Non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs should be specific to that OEM program executed by your EMS provider and not include costs the EMS provider uses/amortizes for their ongoing business operations or other OEM customer programs served by the provider. This template commits your EMS provider to what defines your NRE and covers the different types of tooling and engineering and quality inputs. This template helps you identify NRE early in the EMS relationship and helps you avoid additional EMS costs and fees from creeping into your OEM program.

OEM Terms & Strategy for Program Transfer to EMS Factory
This MOU spells out many of the conditions EMS providers want put into place when transferring in an OEM program into their factory and includes detailed concerns and strategy from EMS provider internal functional groups such as issues associated with EMS process engineering, EMS program management, test engineering, EMS materials (purchasing and planning), EMS warehousing and more. The purpose of this MOU is to help both parties (OEM and EMS) reach a better understanding on (1) the respective rights and responsibilities of each party related to the level of effort contracted, (2) the performance expectations of each party as to the product(s) and/or service(s) delivered, and (3) the distribution of revenue for products delivered and/or services rendered.

Contract Agreement for EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services (10 pages)
This contract focuses on materials liability management relevant to sourcing electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and defines how EMS providers begin OEM discussions with detailed info on materials forecasting and management of purchase orders, materials procurement limits and inventory thresholds, cost reductions, engineering changer orders (ECO), lead time reporting, capacity and operations reports, product shipment scheduling and changes (with limits and costs), purchase order variances and costs, and percentages for EMS pricing methodologies for materials, test and much more.

Contract Agreement for EMS Electronics Design Services (7 pages)
This contract agreement covers management and liability of contract electronics design services for printed circuit board (PDB) layout, custom library components and symbols, fabrication and assembly drawings, software (source code and binary code), manufacturing files (Gerber, drill, assembly pick and place), reports/recommendations on RFI/EMI, DFM/DFX, technology selection, signal integrity, routability analysis, and any other key areas parties expressly agree are deliverables and held accountable for managing and executing.

Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Design Services (7 pages)
This medical design contract service agreement covers clauses, liability and execution responsibilities for regulation such as FDA premarket notification (510(k)) submission, the premarket approval application (PMA) process, investigational device exemptions (IDE), FDA certifications, scope of work, invoicing and payment of fees and expenses, intellectual property rights, business tools and more.

Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Manufacturing Services (14 pages)
This agreement focuses on OEM medical device customer clauses for manufacturing terms, pricing, payment terms, purchase orders liability and forecasting (initial and subsequent), rescheduling, EMS provider delivery v OEM Acceptance, manufacturing device changes, product warranty, customer equipment and components, contract termination, quality, FDA / 510(k) responsibility, insurance and more.

EMS Manufacturing Multi-National Pricing Considerations & Drivers (6 pages)
This EMS handbook identifies many of the cost drivers EMS manufacturers use to determine pricing for their services in response to RFQs from electronics OEM companies seeking EMS services. These include, but are not limited to, location dependent variables such as freight and labor, warranty and S,G&A, tax and ROIC and various working parameters like SMT, PCB assembly, box build.

OEM Plan for Electronic Prototype and New Product Development in EMS Manufacturing (8 pages)
This document identifies many of the considerations OEM company decision makers should be considering when prototyping OEM new product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI) teams are formulating decision to outsource these services to EMS and ODM suppliers

New product development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI) Flowcharts with Time-to-Market (TTM) Challenges
The information and flowcharts contained in this document helps decision makers in new product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI) teams better understand what takes place in contract electronics manufacturing factories when bringing new product to product launch and, includes information on the leading challenges known to delay new product launch. Includes product launch spec expectations and, information how to structure teams (customer and supplier) plus reporting metrics for managing product launch-to-production volume manufacturing.

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