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“I really enjoyed the seminar. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.”

— John L. Baloy, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Program Manager, Abbott


“We are impressed with the value the manufacturer cost modeler brings. It far exceeds our expectations.”

— Category Manager, European OEM with $2 billion EMS spend


“Thanks for the seminar. I found it very useful and enjoyable. I have no doubt I will draw from the principles presented”

— David C. Becker, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Ciena


“The supplier evaluation and management analysis exercise is unique. It will help my annual planning process”

— Steve Wilson, Director of Quality, Genie Industries


“Impressive. Saves considerable time. This is better than any other single tool available elsewhere. A mini ERP system for our programs.”

— Cost Analyst, Electric Vehicle Company


“A wealth of information at my fingertips. Now I can review and negotiate our SLAs from a more strategic vantage point.”

— Manager, EMS Sourcing, Robotics Company


“I found your website recently and thought it was incredibly helpful. I recently changed careers and now work for an OEM in the consumer wearable health tech space.”

— Manager, Series E hardware startup


“The cost modeler has helped us re-align our business objectives and grow our profits, allowing us to save on new product launches and other program contract revisions with suppliers.”

— Commodity Manager, Agrisystems Equipment Company


“The supplier evaluation and management analysis exercise is an excellent tool to bring supplier issues to the forefront”

— Donna Protas, Operations Services Manager, Worldwide Clinical Data Management Operations, Merck


“We have been wanting to ‘should cost’ for a long time. Your seminar informed us where we need to be. It was a great training program. Many kudos to you.”

— Sourcing Manager, $1 billion industrial electronics OEM


“A great program – highly recommended to any company that wants to improve its bottom line. Dr. Olsen brings knowledge of subject matter excellence to a new level”,

— Azmat Siddiqi, VP Corporate Quality, Nanometrics


“The [exercises] were the most valuable for me. I found the material well-paced and I hope to involve as many departments in my company as I can”,

— Felicia Moyers, Planning Manager, Maxtek Components Corp.


“Thank you for the warm welcome into the group and your immediate help! I am very impressed and looking forward to learning more and meeting others.”

— Utz Baldwin, CEO, Plum


“With 15 years of running some of the best operations with professional management and extensive global exposure, I can say Venture Outsource’s Contract Manufacturer Evaluation offers great guidelines for supplier evaluation.”

— Avinder Sahi, Globalization India and SEA Global Supply Chain, GE Medical Systems


“I am impressed with the valuable expertise Venture Outsource has obtained on the industry. They command a good depth of knowledge with useful industry insight. Just what I expect from a reliable firm.”

— Robert Kronser, CTO, Plexus


“Was able to very quickly find details on the important elements of setting up EMS and ODM partnerships, talked with an advisor for personalized info on quality providers matching our requirements while getting up to speed quickly about the industry and connect with key staff from like-minded companies and potential partners. Great resource.”

— Jeff Treuhaft, Sr. Vice President, Fusion-IO


“You’ve done an outstanding job with Venture Outsource. It’s a well organized site that we reference often to validate trends and get the latest snapshot of our industry. What a great website!”

— Steve Georgi, Sr. Director, Flex


“Venture Outsource is a trusted source for reliable, industry research and analysis.”

— Tony Rangel, Market Development, Sanmina


I found the VentureOutsource.com website incredibly valuable even though I have extensive manufacturing experience in China. I used their EMS directory as reference points in my research and I talked with a provider advisor to better understand alternative EMS providers while also getting a list of suitably matched EMS firms.

What I really like about the website is the content has been written by my peers in sourcing, manufacturing operations, supply chain management, etc.”

— Martha Zimet, Hardware Engineering Program Manager, Afero


“VentureOutsource.com provides exceptional content and is a strong resource for business professionals looking to make positive connections within the electronics community.”

— Tony Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Digi-Key Corporation


“Very experienced speaker who has in depth knowledge of both OEM and EMS world. Well prepared and good sharing.”

— Patricia Lim


“The value of the event especially came through in the speaker’s concise answers to the Q & A.”

— Kieran Corr


“It was evident that having been part of both EMS/OEM the speaker spoke from a position of authority and knowledge.”

— Colin Allsopp


“The Webinar was excellent.”

— K. Allen Greer, C.P.M., CPSD, CSM


“Prepared, knowledgeable and very comfortable with the subject. He dealt with the questions very well.”

— John Parks


“[The speaker] seemed to have the right background and very good examples from personal experience that were helpful.”

— Paul Schultz


“Very helpful!”

— Robert Gregory


“Was a very interesting insight and not point of view I had heard before, Category management based on what impacts the customer…a topic I would raise in my own organization for discussion.”

— Mieke Spitaels


“I was able to follow the presentation and got a lot of useful information.”

— Annette Dean


“[the speaker] had specific examples which I don’t often see.”

— Pamela Brooks


“The speaker did very well answering questions at the end of the Webinar.”

— Dick Wempen


“I will participate in future Webinars and will recommend to colleagues.”

— Katie Eggert