Industry Documents - Manufacturing contracts, service level agreements, evaluation forms, templates

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Industry Documents - Manufacturing contracts, service level agreements, evaluation forms, templates

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Page Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Contract Manufacturing Industry Research and Reports – Contract Manufacturing Consultants

Venture Outsource is a pragmatic voice shaping ways electronics manufacturers, and organizations with interests in electronics industry, enhance fact-based risk decisioning. The Company can identify market trends while closing the gap between best practices vs common practices in industry. We invite you to read some testimonials. View some examples of client work results.

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“I am impressed with the valuable expertise Venture Outsource has obtained on the industry. They command a good depth of knowledge with useful industry insight. Just what I expect from a reliable firm.”

– Robert Kronser, CTO, Plexus

In addition to working with manufacturers and investors, Venture Outsource has performed work for a number of regional and foreign state governments and other policy-shaping organizations with interest in these matters applying expertise backed by a deep understanding of the contract electronics industry executive mindset, knowledge of today’s competitive industry dynamics, and the many nuances when differentiating various contract electronics sourcing business models to provide real-time industry intelligence.

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Learn more about our contract electronics industry online training and education and the unique way our consulting services and research projects are set up to better serve our clients here.


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Venture Outsource has the largest, global database of contract electronics capabilities and services. Electronic OEM professionals reading this and wanting help locating contract electronic service providers matching your program and end market, Venture Outsource offers a free service. Speak with a Provider Advisor. Advisors have access to detailed information on listings in our global database and can help you compare provider service capabilities to better match your program needs. Advisors also have intelligence on specific providers, plus info on emerging industry trends and best practices to share with you.

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Venture Outsource, LLC site content and our consulting services help electronic manufacturers plan and execute global, regional and local priorities. Our chief assets are knowledge and interactions. The business is divided into two divisions: an operating division which includes education and training, and consulting and research.

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