Tools for EMS manufacturing quote pricing analysis - Optimize total landed cost savings for your contract electronics outsourcing programs

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Tools for EMS manufacturing quote pricing analysis - Optimize total landed cost savings for your contract electronics outsourcing programs

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Page Last Updated: July 17, 2024

Contract Manufacturing Cost Reductions and Savings – Contract Manufacturing Consultants

At Venture Outsource, we leverage our experience and industry information available to no other individual resource or consulting firm to help you obtain your business objectives. To fully appreciate this we invite you to view some examples of our client work results.

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Venture Outsource services for contract manufacturing cost reductions and savings provide value to clients in numerous ways.

  • We begin by analyzing quoted pricing submitted by providers
  • Depending on program status of your outsourcing journey we also review your contract agreements
  • We show you ways to uncover and identify provider inefficiencies in pricing of provider services
  • We determine your ‘should cost’ paid for provider services and your optimal total landed cost for your programs
  • We show you where, and why, provider fees and pricing are excessive
  • We then formulate a defensible strategy to reduce your spend paid to providers while helping protect program margin
  • You improve your budget forecasting and ROI so you can spend your savings elsewhere, instead of paying that money to providers
  • We guarantee identifying savings in annual spend paid to providers equal to no less than 7%


“The cost modeler has helped us re-align our business objectives and grow our profits, allowing us to save on new product launches and other program contract revisions with suppliers.”

– Commodity Manager, Agrisystems Equipment Company


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Learn more about our contract electronics industry online training and education and the unique way our consulting services and research projects are set up to better serve our clients here.


Get a list of EMS manufacturers matching your program needs (Its free)

Venture Outsource has the largest, global database of contract electronics capabilities. Get a free list of contract EMS manufacturing companies matching your program needs.

“Was able to very quickly find details on the important elements of setting up EMS and ODM partnerships, talked with an advisor for personalized info on quality providers matching our requirements while getting up to speed quickly about the industry and connect with key staff from like-minded companies and potential partners. Great resource.”

— Jeff Treuhaft, Sr. Vice President, Fusion-IO

Advisors have access to detailed information on listings in our global database and can help you compare provider service capabilities to better match your program needs. Speak with a Provider Advisor. This free service is for electronic professionals working in OEM brand companies.

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