Certification: Manufacturing cost modelers drive cost out of your manufacturing product portfolio

On average, our EMS manufacturing costing modelers identify savings of at least 7% of your total EMS manufacturer spend. Guaranteed.

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The vast majority of components availability and quote pricing platforms and tools to determine cost and fees in contract electronics industry are designed for the benefit of third-party suppliers, vendors, EMS manufactures, and electronics distributors.

Venture Outsource LLC offers certification for electronics OEM costing teams for confidence in EMS manufacturing program should cost analysis and pricing negotiations for contract electronics design and manufacturing programs. For more, read our paper detailing how to build costing modelers for EMS program quote pricing analysis.

Our costing modelers capture your OEM outsourcing programs as a separate enterprise within your EMS provider factory setting. Our EMS Manufacturing Programs Cost Modelers help OEM manufacturers identify internal EMS factory costs to drive OEM program savings (lower supplier spend) when sourcing contract EMS supplier design and manufacturing services.


“Our costing modelers can improve your balance sheet cash position and increase your purchasing power, enabling you to consume other projects with the money you save and would have paid for EMS provider services and fees.”

— Mark Zetter, Venture Outsource, LLC



Clients certified with our cost modelers easily identify supplier operating input costs and recognize how to modify constants to negotiate supplier pricing and program volume variations and supplier quarterly business review discussions, as well as tracking supplier performance to manufacturer client cost targets – closing the gap between supplier management tools and performance of your suppliers.


“We are impressed with the value the manufacturer cost modeler brings. It far exceeds our expectations.”

— Category Manager, European OEM with $2 billion EMS spend


Certified manufacturing professionals using our data-driven models enter the RFQ phase of contract electronics sourcing armed with more information than the EMS manufacturer itself, providing long term strategy for your company’s outsourcing programs.

On average, certified manufacturing professionals using Venture Outsource EMS manufacturing ‘should cost’ costing modelers identify savings of at least 7% of your total spend for services you pay to your contract EMS partners. Guaranteed.

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