Online - Optimize Total Landed Cost and Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Programs

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Online - Optimize Total Landed Cost and Costing of Contract Electronic Manufacturing Programs

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Managed from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is the nations’s largest and oldest government agency. offers a free service to help defense primes and OEM brand owner companies find quality military and defense contract electronics providers. Speak with a Provider Advisor to help expand your options when seeking military and defense contract electronics services. Our Provider Advisors have access to more detailed information on listings in our database and can help you compare provider service capabilities to better match your program requirements. Or you can also click the button below.

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You can also search our Military and Defense Contract Electronics Services Directory using advanced search criteria features and enter multiple geography locations into your search, including a high number of different types of services and even input additional end markets for more robust and expanded search results.

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Additionally, view the Venture Outsource management consulting menu or learn more about our contract electronics industry online training and education and the unique way our consulting services and research projects are set up to better serve our clients here.

Understanding military and defense electronics services

Robust demand for military and defense industry electronics products is unlikely to lessen going forward. Various armed conflicts continue to afflict many people across the world. Against these dynamics, requirements for establishing effective defense systems continues to rise as many nation states grow their arsenals and defense budgets.

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The military and defense electronics sector is a major market for many electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers. Defense is constantly developing and adapting to new technologies and so requires rapid design and product services to meet critical technology demands.

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Whether you work in research and product development, supplier management, vendor contract negotiations, infrastructure, weapons or other aspects of the defense industry, you need to be able to find EMS providers who can meet your needs.

Trends in military and defense electronics

Military and defense electronics are rapidly evolving, with new technologies and innovations being developed and implemented all the time. Some of the current trends in this field include:

  • Miniaturization: electronics are becoming smaller and more compact, allowing for increased mobility and flexibility in military operations.
  • Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning: these technologies are being used to improve decision-making, automate tasks, and increase situational awareness.
  • Network-centric warfare: the use of networks and communications systems to connect and coordinate military assets is becoming increasingly important.
  • Cybersecurity: as military systems become more connected and reliant on digital technology, the threat of cyber attacks is growing. As a result, there is a growing emphasis on cybersecurity in military and defense electronics.
  • Electronic warfare: the use of electronic devices to disrupt, deceive, or destroy enemy communications and systems is becoming increasingly important in modern warfare.
  • Directed energy weapon (DEW): research and development in the field of directed energy weapons such as laser and microwave is growing rapidly as a potential future weapon system for military use.
  • Quantum computing: military and defense organizations are investing in quantum computing to gain a strategic advantage in areas such as encryption and simulation.
Find custom machining and enclosure services for military and defense

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Defense v. aerospace

One confusion that can arise is thinking aerospace EMS providers are the same as those for defense. After all, planes are a main component of defense and components must be tested to a high level. While all planes need to have excellent quality components, the aerospace industry is primarily focused on the private sector. While there is strong overlap, they are not identical.

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Military aircraft have different quality standards, even higher than those of commercial planes. The two sectors are tied to very different parts of the economy and have different product and component life cycles. Even in aircraft, there’s a difference between civilian and military use.

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Additionally, the defense sector is much broader than aerospace. Logistics, human capital management, communications and many other aspects of operational defense require a wide variety of standards, quality and more. While some electronics providers have business in both civilian and defense sectors, they have very different divisions to handle the specific needs of each end market. Here’s a reference piece on military and defense contract electronics trends.

Find after market services for military and defense industry

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Venture Outsource has heard from military and defense primes, and other manufacturers, about increasing focus on execution and reigning in costs on military program cost increases. Below, where 1 = no impact and 5 = major impact, activities and steps by OEM brand companies and defense primes as these have a relative impact lower costs.

As you can see above, being forced to implement price cuts has the greatest impact, followed by changes in payment terms, and rising inventory levels rounding out the top three impacts to cost.

Find military and defense logistics services

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Readers can request Venture Outsource’s 30-page Handbook for Non-Traditional Electronics OEM Companies Sourcing Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for New Product Introductions. The handbook covers best practices sourcing contract electronics non-traditional electronics industries such as aerospace and defense electronics.

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It is written for professionals tasked with responsibilities in commodity procurement management, program costing, contract manufacturing supplier selection, manufacturing vendor and supplier development and supplier management and, those professionals responsible for supply chain risk management and vendor contract management and supplier contract negotiations. The handbook is divided into the primary topics below, with several topics going deeper, with detailed industry examples and clear suggestions and lists for readers to consider:

  • OEM Outline for Electronic Prototype and New Product Development
  • EMS Manufacturing Request-for-Proposal (RFP) Terms
  • EMS Manufacturing Request-for-Quote (RFQ) Best Practices
  • EMS Manufacturing Industry Quote Pricing Drivers
  • EMS Manufacturing Program Workflows, Flowcharts
  • EMS Manufacturing NPI Systems Integration (Box Build) Checklist

Understanding contract electronics industry services

Every electronic OEM equipment manufacturer has needs for sourcing, product design, manufacturing and supply chain management specific to its industry. The contract electronics industry is more than just outsourcing manufacturing, it’s about finding the right suppliers and partners and building relationships that add real value and the website can help.

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Manufacturing trends

Below are links to different industry contract electronics manufacturing pages filled with detailed information on trends and best practices.

Aerospace & Avionics | Defense & Military | Industrial | Consumer Devices | Computing | Medical | Clean, Green Technology | Automotive | Networking Equipment | Telecom | Servers & Storage | Peripherals

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