WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Building Effective Global Commodity Management Teams | Webinar | February 25, 2014

Michael Schaller Director Supply Chain & Global Sourcing, St. Jude Medical


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THIS 60 MINUTE WEBINAR will help executives understand the changes required to transform a functional purchasing team, or department, into an organization that includes strategic sourcing and global commodity management activities. (Includes 15 minute Q&A session with speaker)

TECHNIQUES PRESENTED will detail how organizational development, business value, and cost savings activities are achieved using actual examples from multiple global medical device manufacturing firms to establish key inputs and business processes utilized to deliver strategic sourcing and global supplier management strategies that work. Examples of information gathering, data analytics, and prioritization tools will be provided to establish a base line for product and organizational sourcing opportunities. Implementation actions will include a review of component and finished good commodity management approaches with both domestic and international suppliers.

Read how manufacturers can drive costs out from current product portfolios.

TARGET AUDIENCE is electronics industry Managers and Executives in Finance; Purchasing, Operations, Global Manufacturing, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management in electronics OEMs, Contract Manufacturing, Component Supplier companies holding titles such as CFO; COO, VP Finance, VP of Supply Chain, Purchasing Director, Strategic Sourcing Director, Commodity Manager, Controller.

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After attending this event you will know how to:
1. Define/validate your current state map and team’s approach
2. Staff/hire to shape existing teams, plus guidelines for creating new teams
3. Move from tactical to strategic commodity management
4. Deliver results by executing fundamental commodity actions
5. Achieve cost / quality improvement with proper metrics

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  • Michael Schaller Director Supply Chain & Global Sourcing, St. Jude Medical

    Michael Schaller is an action oriented supply chain, contract manufacturing, and operations executive with 27 years of progressively more responsible global team leadership, problem solving, and continuous improvement experience in the capital equipment systems manufacturing, medical device, and electronics industry. He is currently Director of Supply Chain at St. Jude Medical in St. Paul, MN.

    Michael recently expanded his leadership role to help guide global supply chain teams in developing new product launch and acquisition integration strategies, improving contract management negotiations, and defining OEM equipment partnerships. He is facilitating the investigation, qualification, and expansion global suppliers and contract manufacturing firms to deliver complex systems, capital equipment, and integrated product service offerings to direct and distributor customers worldwide.

    Throughout his career Michael has been recognized as an excellent communicator, negotiator, and coach, with the ability to inspire internal teams and suppliers to apply “best-of-breed” technology and strategy to solve enterprise-wide problems. Proven “hands-on” experience from delivering lean, information driven and customer focused process improvements across multiple organizations, and into complex multi-partnered supply chains and globally integrated fulfillment operations. Michael's specialties include capital equipment supply chain management, global strategic sourcing, logistics, and inventory management, OEM contract manufacturing, contract negotiations and Management.

  • Mark Zetter Event Moderator & President, VentureOutsource.com

    Mark Zetter is a leading electronics outsourcing industry business analyst. He is president of VentureOutsource.com and frequently helps technology OEM companies in choosing EMS provider partners and negotiate OEM-EMS contract service level agreements. Mark's expertise is backed by a solid understanding of OEM outsourced electronics supply chain operations; EMS business models, real-time intelligence on EMS industry trends and knowledge of industry cycles, and his unique insight into the challenges EMS providers face serving various electronics sector end markets. Mark has performed work with a number of OEM, ODM and EMS provider companies; investors, and both regional and foreign state governments and other policy-shaping organizations with interest in these matters to assess the competitive electronics manufacturing operations landscape; individual ODM and EMS provider company strengths and weaknesses; understand EMS industry competitive dynamics and industry positioning, and better understand the EMS dialogue and EMS and ODM executive mindset.

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