WEBINAR: Best Practices for NPI Manufacturing of Embedded Computing IoT Products | Webinar | August 13, 2015

Martha Zimet Senior Director of Program Operations - AerNow

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is waking up people and companies. Connecting people, process, data and things in ways we could only imagine not that long ago. What are the implications to electronics OEM leaders who must be certain they get their new products to market in the IoT? With growing importance of the IoT, getting embedded computing products to market quickly is paramount to the success of companies who want to participate in the fast growing embedded IoT market. But as embedded systems have evolved, so have their manufacturing requirements and related challenges.

Our OEM speaker for this event, Martha Zimet, is a true Renaissance leader and seasoned OEM decision maker. A former software developer and systems architect, today Martha successfully drives OEM new product introductions of hardware with embedded systems to the marketplace. Attend this event and listen to Martha as she shares knowledge on ways OEMs can keep their embedded computing NPI projects on target and within budget.

Target audience

Electronics OEM decision makers responsible for designing, creating and managing connected devices in the IoT with responsibility for Prototyping, Embedded Software Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering, Electronics Product Design, Systems and Hardware Architects, Components Selection, Planning, Purchasing, New Product Introduction (NPI), Hardware Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Financial Program Management, Cost Management and related.

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  • Martha Zimet Senior Director of Program Operations - AerNow

    Martha Zimet is senior director of program operations with electronics OEM, Always Evolving Enterprises. Martha navigates easily between embedded systems software engineering and hardware product development. Martha began her career as a developer and architect of embedded systems, where her work influenced hardware used for network security products and later lead Martha to work on big iron telecom networking equipment used in the backbone of cellular networks. Martha’s software expertise includes network management systems and IP packet processing at the kernel level.

    Martha’s product expertise includes product conception, through design and implementation, to manufacturing, to first customer shipment (internal and contract electronics) while at various hardware OEMs ranging from Silicon Valley startups to multinationals like Nokia. Martha’s embedded systems knowledge combined with her hardware manufacturing expertise has honed her ability to get new product introductions (NPI) to market on time, with desired functionality, quality and remaining on-budget. Martha is also holder of several patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Erin Hamilton Director, Educational Programs - VentureOutsource.com

    14+ years working with industry leaders in technology, digital, educational services and sourcing operations. Always on the lookout for good speakers who can help our OEM community save time, reduce costs and become more informed to help our event attendees advance their careers.

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