WEBINAR: OEM Management of Excess, Obsolete Materials Risk in EMS Manufacturing | Webinar | February 7, 2018

Mark Zetter Founder & CEO - VentureOutsource.com

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This event is for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies. Even if you cannot attend this event sign up anyway and we'll send you the slide deck.

This narrow scope, in-depth webinar focuses on excess materials and obsolete materials management strategy and best practices for electronics OEM decision makers.

When are materials for an OEM program deemed obsolete? How do specific changes in product BOMs impact obsolete or excess materials? What triggers do EMS providers prefer to use to signal when customers will begin incurring holding costs, and how much? OEMs and EMS providers working together both want to limit their exposure to materials liability. But who takes materials ownership depends on what happens in different scenarios and is based on how clauses are written in the OEM-EMS contract service agreement.

Speaker Mark Zetter shares best practices and terms, key figures and percentages (v. common in industry) for workable solutions all based on aggregate data and years of experience speaking with electronics OEM materials purchasing management professionals and working with contract electronics solutions providers. This live, 30-minute event covers excess electronics materials and obsolete materials management strategies for electronics OEM decision makers seeking contract electronics manufacturing services or already engaged in and managing their electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers.

  • Excess v. obsolete material
  • Period use defining excess material v. forecast
  • Excess material holding fees by EMS provider
  • Use of excess material
  • Pricing of excess material
  • NCNR (non-cancelable or non-returnable)
  • ... and more

OEM target audience: Electronic OEM individuals, managers and executives working in OEM hardware companies responsible for proposals, quotes, costing and cost management, vendor and supplier management, purchasing, planning, strategic sourcing, materials and supply chain management, manufacturing operations, finance, corporate strategy and related.

Also, read how manufacturers can drive outsourcing cost reductions using our manufacturing costing modelers. Additionally, many attendees of this event also purchase our list of EMS manufacturing multi-national pricing drivers' here.

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  • Mark Zetter Founder & CEO - VentureOutsource.com

    Mark Zetter has helped setup and has run EMS divisions with responsibility for EMS P&L, balance sheets and cash flow statements and he has negotiated and reviewed hundreds of OEM-EMS contracts and deals. Mark works with OEMs and EMS providers and financial and private equity firms on EMS mergers and acquisitions (and OEM factory divestitures) and he helps create and review EMS ‘memorandums of confidentiality’ documents for such transactions. Mark understands the complex nature of EMS manufacturing (and the industry common v. EMS best practices) and is sought after by both OEM and EMS prosecution and defense teams as an EMS expert on EMS manufacturing litigation on issues such as forensics review of inventory generated from purchasing materials, to OEM customer forecasts and excess materials liability due to failure to perform, reductions in OEM forecasts and, purchase order cancellations, to name a few.

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