WEBINAR: Economics of Global Technology & Enabling Innovation - IBM Chief Economist | Webinar | January 26, 2016

Martin Fleming Chief Economist & VP Performance Services - IBM

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Change is on the horizon in the global electronics industry with connectivity and the smart factory. Big data, factory automation and Industry 4.0 is forcing electronic manufacturing factories to harness connected technologies and software platforms to monitor, measure and optimize manufacturing expertise and productivity. Rising production labor costs, demand for better manufacturing reliability and efficiency and big data are driving the digitization of factory equipment with manufacturing systems that communicate among machines, with executive management and vendors in the supply chain while updating end user product in real-time.

Some industries are tougher to transform than others and those with physical limitations like manufacturing can prove challenging to digitize.

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Some of the many other things attendees will learn from Martin as he shares his slides, anecdotal comments and participates in an active Q&A session with attendees, will include:

  • Insight into ways electronics executives might profit from Industry 4.0
  • How digitizing manufacturing impacts manufacturers, products, services
  • Connected devices and their relationship with Big Data
  • How manufacturers might leverage Industry 4.0 to support new marketplaces
  • Ways technology is changing our concept of work and the future workplace
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Materials archived for this event

Event PDF Slide Deck
White Paper - 5 Ways Electronics Companies can Improve Profitable Growth with New Technologies
e-Brief - High Expectations for High-Tech Value Chains
Infographic -  Managing Global, Fast-Paced and Dynamic Electronics Supply Chains

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  • Martin Fleming Chief Economist & VP Performance Services - IBM

    Our speaker for this event is IBM chief economist Martin Fleming. Martin leads an analytics center of competency tasked with researching and using advanced analytic techniques on relevant economic issues of importance to formulate economics thought leadership for advising IBM's senior leadership team for internal decision-making. Martin provides frequent global economic forecasts, publishing economic flash reports, to a broad cross-section of IBM managers. Published in the Journal of Economic and Social Measurement and Business Economics and American Demographics, as well as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Martin has testified to various US Congressional committees, including the Joint Economic Committee. Martin holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from Tufts University and a B.S. cum laude in mathematics from University of Massachusetts Lowell.

  • Edward Talerico Industry & Solution Strategy Director - Infor

    Prior to joining Baan in 1996, Edward worked at Lockheed Martin implementing MRPII systems and selecting ERP solutions for implementation for more than10 years where he gained valuable experience in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

    For the past 19 years, Edward has held positions in development and consulting services at Infor working with Infor’s A&D customers before taking his current role as Industry Director for Aerospace, Defense and High-Tech at Infor.

  • Sara Roberts Director, Educational Programs - VentureOutsource.com

    20 years in corporate America helping prepare reports, assisting with meetings and presentation materials, and planning marketing and sales events. Contact me if you want to speak in one of our events to help our event attendees save time, reduce costs and become more informed as they advance their careers.

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