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Fees, costs, quote pricing top reason OEM equipment firms select electronic EMS manufacturing companies

Electronics OEM equipment manufacturers typically deploy a team comprised of members from different functional groups supporting manufacturing, when identifying and creating a short list of suitably qualified contract EMS manufacturing services providers. Venture Outsource runs a large, global contract EMS …
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Strategies for tech manufacturing compliance and supply chain risk mitigation

  Contract electronics supply chains are filled with risk. Electronics contract manufacturing extended supply chains must take into account product complexity, short product lifecycles, forecast and market demand uncertainty, as many as 300,000+ third-party partners, and considerable amounts of business process …
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Protected: Electronics Enterprise Decision Maker Exclusive

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Manufacturing Product Costing Bill-of-Materials (BoM) Management and Quote Pricing Estimates

While the concept of digital twin factories holds promise in theory, key challenges in digital twin factory manufacturing is the inherent variability in manufacturing costs between different factories. The notion of digital twin factories involves creating virtual replicas of physical …
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TAA Compliant nations influence EMS manufacturing supply chains and supplier selection

For some electronics equipment manufacturers, the costed bill-of-materials (BOM) is becoming less of a variable in their contract electronics manufacturing outsourcing program strategy. Ultimately, it comes down to total landed cost. But how do you know you are getting BOM …
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Fiber optics switch development and capacity planning for EMS manufacturing telecom equipment

At the core of telecommunications industry is understanding wireline telephony engineering technology. Knowing the playing field of telecom carriers jockeying for market share, positioning against wireline telco vertical market nuances is key because wireline technology equipment infrastructure, not wireless, is …
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Global Supply Chain Pressure Index focuses manufacturers on cost containment and capital expenditures

The Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI) was develop by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to measure global supply chain pressures that could be used to gauge the importance of supply constraints with respect to economic outcomes. Fed …
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USA reshoring and near-shoring trend reveals importing more from these Asian nations over China

“China will soon account for less than 50 per cent of US imports from low-cost countries in Asia as Western firms shift supply chains out of mainland China”, according to Holger Zschäpitz author of ‘Schulden ohne Sühne?’ a book on …
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The great shift: Apple’s exodus from China to India – Unveiling complexities of contract electronics manufacturing sourcing


Apple’s ambitious shift from China to India sparks a journey into complexities of contract electronics manufacturing. Explore challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this groundbreaking endeavor.
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Transfer pricing risk and solutions for electronics manufacturers with extended EMS manufacturing supply chains

Strategies for managing transfer pricing risks in global contract electronics manufacturing operations.
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